Government Member Internet Service

EAGLE‑Net Government Member Internet Service* is designed to enable EAGLE‑Net members, through its managed gateway, access to the Front Range GigaPoP (“FRGP”) aggregation network. The FRGP is a consortium of Universities, non-profit corporations, and government agencies that cooperate in an aggregation point called the FRGP in order to enable research and education by sharing wide area networking services, access to the commodity Internet, access to the Internet2 research network, and access to the National LambdaRail (NLR). Connections to schools, universities, libraries and other government resources whether here in Colorado or across the nation, are made as “on-net” to optimize the connection links and speeds between locations.

*Government Member Internet Service is only offered to public schools, public libraries, local, state and federal government entities, and government healthcare facilities who have entered into an EAGLE‑Net intergovernmental agreement.