Through the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program, EAGLE‑Net will initially offer broadband service to 26 libraries in Colorado.  With high-speed Internet access, library patrons have faster and most reliable access to resources such as online catalogs, databases, e-books, online job sites and research data.

Benefits for libraries through a high-speed broadband connection:

  • High-capacity network that enables libraries and their patrons to transfer large amounts of data quickly
  • Access to information resources and research data not available on all networks
  • Greater workforce development opportunities created by linking multiple library networks and information databases together
  • Ability to administer industry-specific certification tests at multiple library locations across the state
  • Enhanced speed to facilitate the completion of online job applications and other services requested by patrons
  • Resource sharing between different entities and stakeholders including library branches, patrons and schools

Library Collaborative Services

Libraries across the state of Colorado collaborate with each other using online services to share information, tools, resources, etc.  

Denver Public Library Digital Collections
It isn’t just history anymore – it is America’s most quintessential region and culture right at your fingertips.  Learn more about Denver Public Library’s Western History and Genealogy Digital Collections.

Heritage West
Result of the efforts of the Collaborative Digitization Program in Colorado. Originally launched as Heritage Colorado,the project includes resources from nine additional Western states – Arizona, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.

Library of Congress, CO Primary Resources
The Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources is a Colorado project at Metro State College of Denver, in partnership with the Colorado Council on 21st Century Learning. “21st Century Learning Matters” is a video that provides an introduction and conversation starter for considering the transformations needed in education.

Rocky Mountain Online Archive
Source of information about archival collections from Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming. Access finding aids for institutions throughout these states. The Heritage West collection is a companion component that provides access to digitized artifacts.

Western Waters Digital Library
A collaborative regional project created by project participants in eight western states – Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. It is dedicated to providing access to water-related resources about the Trans-Mississippi region of North America.