Through the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program, EAGLE‑Net will initially offer broadband service to 178 K-12 public school districts in Colorado.  In addition, 15 community colleges, 3 institutions of higher education and 12 Board of Cooperative Educational Services will have access to the EAGLE‑Net network.

Benefits for staff through a high-speed broadband connection:

  • Staff development and mentoring opportunities
  • Remote teaching that allows multiple districts or locations to share personnel resources
  • Access to extensive electronic content, curriculum and online assessments and testing
  • Secure communication links between multiple facilities or campuses
  • Online facilitation of standardized tests
  • High definition video conferencing capabilities
  • Ability to broadcast school board or public meetings to the community

Benefits for students through a high-speed broadband connection:

  • Virtual field trips and distance learning capabilities
  • Creation of a global campus to expand the reach of higher education institutions
  • Access to advanced research and education networks, including Internet2

(Internet2 is an advanced networking consortium led by the research and education community that provides the ability for members to collaborate and develop interactive programs and content for distribution over the network.)

Examples of how high-speed broadband can be used in schools:

  • A fourth grade class can take an interactive, high-definition virtual field trip to the Smithsonian Museum or a Federal Reserve Bank
  • A high school biology class can explore the human immune system with an emergency room doctor who answers their questions in real time
  • Students can operate remote instruments such as microscopes around the world to collect data and perform problem-based experiments
  • Musically gifted children can attend regular classes at the Cleveland Institute of Music to study under music masters
  • U.S. K-12 schools are able to experience night-time, southern-hemisphere astronomy observations with Australian observatories in real-time, during U.S. school hours