EAGLE‑Net Alliance applied for and received a U.S. Department of Commerce Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) awards totaling $100.6 million in 2010 as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). The awards are administered through the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and are subject to federal compliance and procurement guidelines.

Policies and Procedures

Listed below are EAGLE‑Net Alliance policies and procedures for grant-related business functions and operations.

Procurement Requests

Request Title Request Type Status Open Date Due Date to Submit Questions Close Date
Network Infrastructure Installation Hwy 550 – Durango to Cascade Village Substation (Drawings 1) (Drawings 2) (Drawings 3) (Drawings 4) (Approved Wage Schedule) (Pre-Bid Meeting Presentation) (Pre-Bid Meeting Attendees) RFP Closed 12/04/2013 Q&As 12/23/2013
Tower Site Construction (Bid Form) RFB Closed 10/29/2013 11/01/2013 11/11/2013
EAGLE‑Net Alliance Invitation to Negotiate, Network Operator (Addenda 1: Respondents Kickoff Conference) (Addenda 2: ITN Schedule) (Addenda 3: Respondents WebEx Sessions) (Addenda 4: Responses to Questions) (Addenda 5: ITN Schedule) ITN Awarded 5/06/2013 Q&As 6/25/2013
Five (5) Western Slope Laterals RFB Awarded 5/25/2012 Q&As 6/18/2012
Fiber Optic Cable Splicing, Terminations, and Testing RFB Awarded 5/30/2012 Q&As 6/08/2012
Support Services RFP Multiple Awards 5/07/2012 Q&As 5/21/2012
Network Infrastructure Northeastern Colorado (Drawings) RFB Multiple Awards 4/20/2012 Q&As 5/09/2012
Metropolitan Denver Network Installation (Drawings) RFB Multiple Awards 4/06/2012 Q&As 4/20/2012
Installation of Cisco Switches and UPS RFP Awarded 3/28/2012 Q&As 4/11/2012
Wireless Towers (Response Sheet) RFP Closed 3/26/2012 Q&As 4/09/2012
Colorado Springs and Vicinity (Drawings) RFB Awarded 3/06/2012 Q&As 3/26/2012
Four (4) Southwestern Colorado Laterals (Drawings) RFB Awarded 2/27/2012 Q&As 3/09/2012
Hwy 160 – Alamosa to South Fork & 285 North Lateral (Drawings) RFB Awarded 2/17/2012 Q&As 3/07/2012
Hwy 160 Network Infrastructure Installation (Drawings) RFB Awarded 2/07/2012 Q&As 2/28/2012
Fiber Assets Southeast Quadrant RFP Closed 2/03/2012 Q&As 2/24/2012
Fiber Assets Northeastern Colorado RFP Multiple Awards
Award 1
Award 2
12/14/2011 Q&As 1/06/2012
OSP Materials: Part II RFP Awarded 12/15/2011 Q&As 1/04/2012
I-25 North Network Infrastructure Installation (Drawings) RFP Awarded 11/22/2011 Q&As 12/15/2011
Colorado Peering Sites RFP Partially Awarded 11/18/2011 Q&As 12/02/2011
Fiber Assets for 22 CAI Interconnection: Metropolitan Denver RFP Closed 10/26/2011 Q&As 11/16/2011
Metropolitan Denver Peering Sites RFP Awarded 10/26/2011 Q&As 11/16/2011
Outside Plant Materials RFP Multiple Awards 10/31/2011 Q&As 11/14/2011
Telecommunication Infrastructure RFI Closed 9/22/2011 Q&As 10/13/2011
Fiber Optic Cable RFP Awarded 8/19/2011 Q&As 8/29/2011
Dark Fiber Indefeasible Right of Use RFI Closed 8/10/2011 Q&As 8/26/2011