Colorado Community Anchor Institutions

EAGLE‑Net Alliance’s Broadband Technology and Opportunities Program (BTOP) grant provides for a middle mile connection to 223 community anchor institutions (CAIs)* in the State of Colorado. The project is expected to be complete by December 2014. Included in these CAIs are:

  • 168 K-12 school districts with over 1,700 schools and 830,000 students 1
  • 11 Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) 2
  • 15 community colleges
  • 3 higher education institutions
  • 26 libraries

Community anchor institutions are listed below, grouped by type and arranged in alphabetical order:


The original BTOP grant application listed 234 community anchor institutions (CAIs). The following notes describe changes that revised the current CAIs in the project from 234 to 223.

† The CAI locations identified now have service available. Having service available is not an indication that the CAI has contracted for services from EAGLE‑Net.

Note 1: During the grant application review process in 2010, ten CAIs in areas serviced by three independent telephone companies were approved under separate federal funding for network infrastructure within the Broadband Innovation Program (BIP). In order to avoid duplication of federal funding, these ten CAIs were removed from EAGLE‑Net’s proposed CAI list.

Note 2: In July 2010, Southwest BOCES merged with San Juan BOCES.

2014: This CAI is designated to be completed in the 2014 construction season.