Executive Team

Michael Ryan


Michael Ryan is a Telecommunications Executive with over 23 years of experience in building and operating networks throughout North America and Europe. He has a proven track record of taking on complex challenges and delivering positive results by effectively building and leading high performance teams in difficult and competitive business environments. Michael also has experience in both startups and large corporate environments. Prior to EAGLE‑Net, Michael served as Vice President of Deployment and Capital Management at Open Range Communications. He has also spent 12 years at Level 3 Communications holding several senior executive positions with responsibilities including network construction, dark fiber project management and sales engineering, sales leadership, metro operations and maintenance, network development and business processes.

Perry Movick

Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Movick joined EAGLE‑Net Alliance as its Executive VP of Operations at the organization’s launch and accepted the position of Chief Operations Officer in May, 2012, overseeing Operations and Finance. With more than 30 years’ experience in telecommunications and networking, Mr. Movick assisted in the development of EAGLE‑Net’s NTIA Broadband grant application while at the Centennial BOCES. Prior to his work at the Centennial BOCES, he was a Senior Information Systems Management Consultant at CyberLink Corporation specializing in local and wide area networks, management information systems, and network planning. At CyberLink, he worked on various statewide and regional networking projects across the country. Prior to CyberLink, Mr. Movick also worked as the Information Systems Manager at the City of Englewood, Colorado and as an Operations Manager for Motorola, C&E, Inc.