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EAGLE‑Net Alliance (EAGLE‑Net) is a Colorado intergovernmental entity which operates a cost-sharing cooperative that delivers a carrier quality broadband network to more than 170 communities across the state. With this sustainable network, EAGLE‑Net will be able to better connect education, libraries, government and health care facilities using middle mile services which also provide access to advanced research and education networks.

  • Citizens
  • Education
  • Libraries
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Colorado Citizens

    As our society requires more time online for daily job and educational functions, a reliable high-speed broadband connection that supports Colorado government and educational entities is critical. EAGLE‑Net will provide a backbone, middle mile infrastructure component as part of the solution to Colorado’s growing need for Internet service.

    With EAGLE‑Net’s broadband connection, communities across Colorado will be able to tap into abundant Internet resources including research and education networks, video conferencing, resource sharing, transfer of massive data files, and other functions that require a large amount of bandwidth. And yes, this is only the beginning of what broadband brings to underserved and remote locations.

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  • Education

    Today’s students at all ages are bombarded with technology and applications associated with their handheld devices and laptops, expanding educational opportunities well beyond the traditional text book. Crisp, fast-paced, interactive visuals, and video interaction captivate a student and open the doors for an educator to bring a subject to life. High-speed Internet connectivity combined with advanced applications brings new life to learning, allowing students to virtually interact with other students and institutions around the globe.

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  • Libraries

    Libraries are the heartbeat of many communities, especially rural areas, for reading and informational programming, reference resources, workforce job services and computer labs and training. All of those activities are supported by the Internet and require large amounts of broadband bandwidth for a fast and consistent connection for the best patron experience. Libraries themselves also benefit from a reliable broadband connection to increase their capacity to share larger documents, files and research resources.

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  • Governments

    Governments vary from city to county to state. They all rely on technology, networks, and the Internet to share information, process large amounts of data and support the citizens in their communities. The ability to transport these items over a high-speed and reliable broadband network is necessary in the 21st century as citizens expect a faster response to their requests, increased business transactions online with government agencies, and more accessibility to their elected officials. Government entities are also looking for ways share resources with other entities through broadband cloud computing networks and applications to cut costs on their day to day operations.

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  • Healthcare

    Public healthcare facilities, especially in rural and underserved communities, are challenged every day to provide the best care for their patients with the resources available. Through high-speed access over a broadband network, these facilities are better able to safely and securely share patients’ information, large X-ray files and hosts uninterrupted video conferencing services to discuss a patient’s care. The facilities are also able to share business resources, applications and online classes and lectures with other healthcare providers as a cost savings benefit.

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